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The Koken Story

Koken have been supplying the New Zealand Market since the Kiwi’s became the companys first export Country back in 1957. We are the Agents for the New Zealand Market, and not Koken Tool Company. This site is designed to keep Kiwi’s up to date what is new with Koken and to put you in touch with your nearest New Zealand Distributor

The Koken Story is truly inspiring, The founder, Mr Soichiro Yamashita was Henry Ford’s First foreign employee… to find out how Mr Ford fits into the history, see the slide show below for the full explanation.

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This Site Is All About Koken in New Zealand

Koken Tools NZ

Welcome To Koken NZ

Koken have been producing High Performance Quality Hand Tools for New Zealand since 1957. We wanted to create a place where New Zealanders can keep up with all of the constant new developments and have a usable reference guide to Koken Sockets and Accessories.

While here you can, discover the exact Production Process of a Koken Socket , identify the Best Socket Set Solution for you OR at the very least, if not a Full Socket Set, You MUST at least have a Koken Ratchet in your Tool Box.. You can use this site to find out Why!!!

Koken as The Lifetime Solution to the Trade

Ratchet - Knurled Handle
When Koken first came to New Zealand in 1957, the High Quality Sockets; Accessories were an instant hit with the trade and their apprentices alike.

Most of those apprentices that I speak to, who bought those earliest socket sets, still swear by the tools today and won’t use any other brand… some still have the original sets that they bought all those years ago

Ratchets are the heart of Any socket set and all tool boxes need to have a quality ratchet. The Koken ratchet is special for a number of reasons…
The Knurled Handle is exclusive to Koken – The specially designed 6 point knurling is very popular on extentions and is very “grippy”.
Discover which is the Best Ratchet for your individual needs

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